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Send me an email with your contact information and two options for good days and times to reach you for a free consultation. We can discuss your needs and figure out what will work best for you and your family. 


Change is happening every second. When we can't see it and feel stuck, sometimes we need support to help us unearth and trust our own inner compass. A powerful and necessary process for us to grow. I can help you see with new eyes, understand with a clear mind, feel with a calmer heart, and create positive change with a new resolve.



Some of my areas of expertise:


-child development

-babies and new parents

-toddler years through the lifespan

-embracing and supporting optimal adolescence 

-brain development, brain science

-interpersonal neurobiology: how relationships shape our brain/mind, deepening connection

-attachment science

-family systems and cultivating trust and connection

-making sense of our stories that shaped us

-cultivating emotional intelligence

-conflict resolution, relational repair

-trauma and healing

-mindfulness practice for peace and self-calming

-mindfulness in parenthood

-raising children with special needs 

-autism spectrum gifts and challenges

-gifted kids and sensitive children

-2E twice exceptional kids (gifted with special needs)

-support to bridge between home and school

-education: learning styles, motivation, mindset

-creating positive, sustainable change

-positive emotions and wellbeing

-developing resilience

-practical approaches to creating change

-conscious, integrative support for mothers

-conscious, integrative support for partners



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